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UPDATE: Arrests made following battery caught on video

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- The UW-Madison Police Department has made arrests in connection with the substantial battery case outside Sellery Hall this past weekend.

Early Friday, May 4, 2018, a UW student was injured following a fight outside Sellery Hall. The fight stemmed from another fight earlier in the evening at a downtown bar. The victim in the battery suffered a broken wrist and a concussion as a result of the altercation, according to a UWPD news release.

After a campus-wide crime warning was sent on Saturday, three suspects came forward admitting they were involved in the fight.

Arrested/cited on Tuesday morning were:

  • Michael Glozman, 19, Madison - cited for misdemeanor battery
  • Aiden Faust, 19, Madison - arrested for substantial battery (felony) and party to a crime
  • Hogan Webb, 19, Madison - arrested for substantial battery (felony) and party to a crime


MADISON (WKOW) - A student's video shows a gang of people kicking and punching a single victim on the ground outside a UW-Madison dormitory.

The video taken Friday from a student's dormitory window at Sellery Hall was provided to the campus newspaper Badger Herald.

"Definitely shocking,"  says freshman student Noah Nicol, noting UW Police say attackers and victim were strangers to each other, continuing a dispute that began in a Madison bar.

"That's just terrifying, because it could happen to anyone really,"  dormitory resident Maddy Sullivan says.

UW Police spokesperson Marc Lovicott says a campus-wide crime alert was issued in response to the attack, as a result of the incident meeting the criteria of the federal Clery Act, given the beating was a substantial battery with no suspects in custody.

"We've got campus-wide reports before, it's always something not near us,"  dormitory resident Abby Rudd says.  "Once you got one that says it's outside one of your dorms, it's just a little more real,"  she says.

"Stuff like this does scare me,"  Sullivan says, remembering how a September, dorm intruder was able to record video in a woman's bathroom at Sellery Hall.

UW-Madison spokesperson Meredith McGlone says UW police personnel regularly patrol residence halls and their property.

Rudd says the warning, and other responses to the attack are reassuring.

"Especially in that situation, that was very intense and very dangerous, and we do have each other's backs,"  Rudd says.

Lovicott says the suspects in the video of the beating - all of them UW-Madison students - came forward after seeing the video.  He says an investigation continues.

Rudd says the victim of the videotaped attack is a Sellery Hall resident, and was injured.  "He went to the hospital afterwards," she says.  Lovicott says the victim was released after treatment.

"I know he didn't want to press charges at first,"  dormitory resident Alice Lang says.  "But he ended up doing so."

Lovicott says there were others fighting outside Sellery Hall Friday in connection the earlier bar dispute, beyond what is captured on the student's video.  He says surveillance video captured some of the additional violence.

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