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Aggressive kittens turn out to be baby bobcats

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Photo courtesy of Animal Care Services Photo courtesy of Animal Care Services

By Vincent T. Davis, Staff Writer

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WISN) — When a San Antonio resident found a pair of striped kittens Saturday, she learned later that afternoon through a fierce attitude and more than a few scratches that they actually were baby bobcats.

(See photos of the baby bobcats HERE or below.)

Following meows from the back alley of Good Hue Avenue, she found what she believed were Bengal kittens. Not seeing their mother, she carried them in her home to feed them. She and friends visiting from Austin, avowed animal advocates, fed the kittens from pet feeding bottles, filled with kitten milk replacement bought at a nearby store.

The first clue something wasn’t right was the kittens’ aggressive feeding style. It was so aggressive that the duo ripped apart the plastic casings in their frenzy to drink the milk. And that’s when each one of the three humans helping them were bitten several times on the hand as the kittens devoured the milk and destroyed the feeding bottles in the process.

This is when the people decided the kittens might not be Bengal kittens. They researched details about the kittens’ look, such as the distinct pattern of their fur, the tufts of hair coming out of their ears and snubbed tails that were much shorter than traditional domestic cats.

Sunday, the resident called Animal Care Services to report the bite incident. When an ACS officer arrived at the home, she recommended that the trio get medical attention and confirmed that the kittens were in fact baby bobcats.


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