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Possible tornado causes damage in Fennimore

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FENNIMORE (WKOW) - Strong storms and a possible tornado moved through southern Wisconsin Wednesday afternoon causing damage in parts of our area. 

Though no tornado warning was issued by the National Weather Service, photos obtained by 27 News appear to show a funnel cloud or tornado near Fennimore.

"I've never been through anything like this," said Vance Lenzendorf, whose farm was torn through by what he believes was a tornado. 

His grain farm is now littered with debris after a machinery storage structure and a hay barn were demolished. Pieces of the tin roof from the structures could be seen twisted up in his pine trees. Large pieces of wood, insulation and other metal was also scattered over a mile and a half debris field. 

"This one here, you can kind of see it got twisted up a little bit if you look at the base," Lenzendorf said as he pointed at a large pine tree that was snapped of near its base. 

He believes a possible tornado is to blame for the destruction. 

"We've had some straight-line winds, but no, nothing like this," he added. 

Lenzendorf was inside his home when he said the the house started to creek. 

"I just got finished washing my hands and got an alert that it could hail," he explained. 

With the wind picking up, Lenzendorf headed to his basement. 

"I got through the living room and the windows blew out from the west side of the house," he said. 

The winds then blew out his front door. Lenzendorf said the storm only lasted about 15 seconds, but it left behind about $100,000 worth of damage, according to Lenzendorf. 

"We did lose power. It ripped it off that pole," he said as he pointed to a pole with frayed wires at the top. 

Instead of farming, he and his family spent the day surveying the damage. 

"It didn't take the old hay that sits at the dairy barn, it's still there but the tin is gone," he said. "It's the mess out here and in the neighbor's [property] that, you  know, we need to get cleaned back up. That's going to take the time and the leg work."

Nobody was hurt in the storm. Lenzendorf said he plans to start the cleanup process on Thursday if his fields dry up. 

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