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UPDATE: Vandalized "Sunburst" Bucky repair in limbo

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Photo courtesy of  Liliana Gagliano Photo courtesy of Liliana Gagliano
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UPDATE (WKOW) -- The artist of the "Sunburst" Bucky statue vandalized Thursday morning in Madison says there could be more damage to the work than originally thought.

Jenny Steinman Heyden tells 27 news she's concerned the fiberglass could be broken, and won't repaint until she knows the full extent of the damage.

She said she's not sure how much repairs will cost, but estimated yesterday the price tag could be several hundred to a thousand dollars.


MADISON (WKOW)-- A statue from the "Bucky on Parade" display was found in the water Thursday morning in Madison, according to the Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau.

"Bucky on Parade" is a public art event. 85 life-sized Bucky Badger statues were placed throughout Madison and even as far as Sun Prairie and Fitchburg earlier this week.

A picture was taken this morning by Liliana Gagliano of the "Sunburst" Bucky in the water at James Madison Park.

The statue is hollow and made of fiberglass which is about 160 pounds. It’s bolted to a 500 pound concrete disk. The disk and statue where found in the lake.

This Bucky is nicknamed “Sunburst,” the design shows the chairs outside Memorial Union. The statue suffered damages from head to toe, but no structural damage was reported. The artist, Jenny Steinman Heyden, said it’s disappointing she’ll have to travel back to Madison to make repairs.

“When you bring art out of the museum, lower the bar so everyone can see it, it's a risk you take I feel,” said Heyden.  

Heyden will be traveling to Madison on Friday to touch it up, something she already planned for but not so soon.

“I have all the colors mixed in little tupperware containers just in case, because it’s going to be auction for charity. I planned to touch it up before auction because it will be out there all summer."

Hayden said there was 18 layers of paint on the face, so she thinks it was vandalized before it was pushed in the water. She believes it will cost hundreds of dollars in supplies to repair “Sunburst.”

The Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau said when they got into the office Thursday morning they had "a lot of messages" about the incident.

Organizers of the art display planned fished it out Thursday morning. It took more about three people to pull it out of the water. President and CEO of the Visitors Bureau said they thought they had a plan to prevent these types of incidents from happening.  

"We have done everything we can to create a stable Bucky and created the weight that makes it very difficult the structure itself,” said Deb Archer.

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