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Dog that suffered scalding water burns adopted, will 'speak' at fundraiser

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Sunny Sunny
Cody Allan Sholes, Sunny's former owner Cody Allan Sholes, Sunny's former owner

JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Sunny, the dog whose owner scalded her with hot water, has been adopted by her foster family.

Jennifer Lueck, Sunny's new owner, says she was amazed by the dog's recover.

"We didn't think that it would go this quick," Lueck said. "We thought it was gonna be months and months of pretty horrific changes going on with her."

If you'd like to meet the inspirational pup, she will appear at a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

Donations poured in to support Sunny in her recovery after she lost most of her skin and fur from the attack. Now, the Humane Society hopes donations will continue to support other animals in the shelter.

"Our organization depends on those donations to continue doing the important work of saving lives," the organization said in a Facebook post. "We will care for more than 4,000 pets in need in 2018 alone and each of them needs you."

Cody Allan Sholes of Beloit, faces a felony charge of animal mistreatment for putting Sunny in a tub Dec. 8, 2017, in Beloit and leaving the dog under a boiling hot shower, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Rock County District Attorney's office.

According to the complaint, Sholes told police he had earlier turned the water heater up to the highest temperature because the water in the apartment was cold.

Investigators say Sholes told them the dog urinated and defecated inside the apartment, so he put the dog in the tub under the shower but didn't realize how hot the water was before he left the bathroom to care for a child.

Sholes then told investigators he heard Sunny yelping and crying from the bathroom and that he then found Sunny lying in a pool of water in the tub with the water still running on her from the shower.

Sunny eventually was brought to a relative's house where police were called. Responding officers said the dog had exposed tissue on its head and on both ears, among other burn injuries, according to the complaint.

A Humane Society veterinarian interviewed by police said that in her three years, she had never seen such severe injuries caused by hot water on an animal.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Humane Society. 

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