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FBI: Spies attack Wis. businesses

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MILWAUKEE (WISN/WKOW) -- FBI agents say Wisconsin has become one of the biggest targets in the country for global spies.  They're stealing information and costing companies money and jobs.  

WISN reports, AMSC, an energies technology company, had to shut down its plant in Middleton because of espionage.  A Chinese company stole software, and more than 700 people lost their jobs. 

The FBI agents say some hackers are so sophisticated, they'll collect information about employees through social media and pretend to be them to hack into the system.  The easiest way to protect yourself is to take security training seriously.  

"Chinese hackers, Iranian hackers, U.S. hackers take info and send email to you and hope you click on the link or attachment," Special Agent Byron Franz with the FBI's Milwaukee division told WISN 12 News. 

Franz added, if you get a phishing email and click on it, it could cost your company millions of dollars, and it could cost you your job.  

The FBI couldn't comment how many Wisconsin companies are losing money.  

The Milwaukee division says it has a dedicated cyber squad, but reporters aren't allowed near it because of classified information.  

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