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Bear sightings reported in Baraboo

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- Police in Baraboo are warning people to watch out for a bear wandering the streets. 

The Baraboo Police Department posted a warning about several bear sightings on its Facebook page. 

"It's all been a medium-sized black bear, and all the reports were consistent with that description," said Lt. Ryan Labroscian. "We think it's only one bear."

Experts tell us it's more common to spot bears this time of year as temperatures start to get warmer. 

"After their winter sleep, this bear is certainly hungry and likely wandered into the Baraboo city limits looking for food," said WI DNR Large Carnivore Specialist, Walter Scott. 

Baraboo Police received multiple calls about the bear. The calls started coming in around 9:45 p.m.Thursday. 

The first sighting was on the 500 block of Quarry Street. 

The second was about 45 minutes later at the intersection of Walnut Street and Elm Street. 

The latest call didn't come in until Friday morning at the intersection of Broadway and Water Street. 

Baraboo had a similar incident about a year ago. 

"It's certainly not unusual to see a black bear in the Baraboo area or really nowadays anywhere in the southern part of the state," said Scott.  

The most important thing for people to remember is give the bear space. 

"We just advise the citizens of the city to please leave the bear alone," said Labroscian. "Don't try to approach it or harass it in anyway and make sure your garbage is secured and not flowing out of the cans or anything like that. Nothing to entice the bear."

To report a bear sighting you can reach out to your local police department or contact the Wisconsin DNR. 


BARABOO (WKOW) -- Right now Baraboo Police are telling the public to be aware of bears that have recently been spotted within the city.

The most recent reports were spotted Friday morning in the area from Broadway and Water Street. There was also a spotting near Quarry and Oak Park Place.

Police say it is possible that this is a cub from last year that was kicked out of its den and is searching for its own territory. You should not approach the bear and make sure your trash cans are secure.

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