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David Muir goes one-on-one with 27 News ahead of UW-Madison Commencement address

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MADISON (WKOW) --  ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir will be giving the Commencement address to UW-Madison graduates Saturday.

He spoke only with 27 News ahead of the ceremony.

"The senior class officers reached out to me and asked if I would be their commencement speaker this year and I was honored," he said. "I always say that the nerves and anxiety that come with such a milestone in your life is actually a sign of your excitement for what's to come.  I'll sort of navigate through that with the thousands of students and proud parents and families and friends who've helped get them this far. But now, as you know, it's up to them to take this next step."

Muir has a message for graduates as they head out into the real world. 

"I do think it's important that when you're that age and you're coming out of school that somebody tells you, and I'm sure they've heard this along the way, that mistakes are okay. In fact, they're essential. And that nerves are okay, anxiety is okay. All of those things are part of growing up. You only get better with your mistakes."

When asked if he's heard of the Jump Around, he responded, "Of course I have!  I have every expectation that I'll be getting a workout on Saturday, too." 

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