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Walker warns of blue wave at convention to wake up party

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- The Republican convention was aimed differently this year with many GOP leaders sounding an alarm to their party to stand up against the democrats and their “blue wave” movement. Governor Walker said the November election won’t be easy.

“This will be a very tough election, probably our toughest ever. I know we can win and we can win because we have won before,” said Walker.

This is not the governor’s first call for his party to wake up. Republican leaders took the stage, most focused on their goal to win up and down the ticket, especially taking aim at Senator Tammy Baldwin.

“She wants to spend more money and she wants to outsource our government,” said Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).

Walker touted republican’s record reforms like photo Id laws, collective bargaining restrictions by passing Act 10 and putting limitations on Abortions. Speaker Paul Ryan touted the success of congress’s work to pass the tax overhaul bill and how it puts more money in taxpayers wallets. Both Ryan and Walker agreed if democrats win, those policies will be gone.

“And the blue wave as they say it, they want to take it all away,” said Paul Ryan. “Nancy Pelosi is running on a campaign to raise your taxes. She wants to take all of this away, and we won’t let her.”

“I want to tell you here today, that we are not done yet,” said Walker. “There is more to come.”

Democrats will host their convention next month in Oshkosh.


MILWAUKEE (AP) - Gov. Scott Walker is telling Republican to "wake up" and the upcoming fall election is "going to be tougher than any we've faced so far."
Walker issued the warnings Saturday at the Wisconsin state party convention.

He and a host of other Republicans are warning party activists that GOP policies enacted in recent years are in jeopardy if Democrats win in November.

Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel says "If there's a blue wave coming, our conservative reforms will be among the first thing to go."

Walker is running for a third term and Schimel is seeking a second. There are more than a dozen Democrats seeking the nomination to take on Walker.

He says if a Democrat wins, Republicans are also likely to lose majorities in the state Legislature.

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