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Witness of brawl at Dells resort says it could have been avoided

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WISCONSIN DELLS (WKOW) -- A weekend in the Wisconsin Dells turned violent when police said two families started fighting at Mt. Olympus.

Police said the people involved were members of two families at the indoor water and theme park. By the time officers arrived, the fight was over -- but not before people threw punches or chucked chairs, garbage or anything else they could find.

Officers who spoke with the people involved found out the fight started over "something as ridiculous as a person taking a chair from a different group's table within the water park."

Joe Ney was at Mt. Olympus celebrating a friend's birthday and recorded the cell phone video. He said the fight started before he started filming. And at one point, five people were jumping on one guy. He said it took police about 15 to 20 minutes to arrive.

“I heard somebody's family got hurt. And next thing you know brothers and sisters are jumping up to defend their family. And it was just a full-on fight from there,” Ney said. I remember seeing at least 5 people jumping on one guy. They ended up behind the prize counter kicking him, punching him.”

Dawna Scott was visiting the Dells from Ohio with her family and saw the video. She was shocked by what she saw.

“I think people should be nice to each other and not be so upset over little things like that. This world's gotten into a lot of fighting and crimes. And I have a 3-year-old granddaughter and I’m scared to death for her life,” she said.

Ney said the whole thing has left him confused. He said he's trying to understand how something so small couldn't have been worked out by just talking it out.

“It's a kid's place. People are supposed to go there and have fun, you know, spend time with their family. Fights like this aren't supposed to break out at a family resort where people are supposed to go make memories and have fun,” he said.

Based on the video, it's hard to tell how many people were involved. Investigators have not said if anyone was seriously hurt.

Police said the investigations will continue, which will include looking at that cell phone video and statements made by witnesses.

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