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Dairy News: Madison chef on a mission to elevate Wisconsin's food scene

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MADISON (WKOW) -- To call Chef Tory Miller busy is an understatement! He's been more active with media after his recent takedown of Bobby Flay on the Food Network's™ Iron Chef Showdown©. But that's only one of his recent accomplishments.

"Beating Bobby Flay is an amazing accomplishment, and being on TV and like, representing Madison was really awesome, and I think being here, and being a part of these restaurants, keeps me grounded," said Miller.

He recently welcomed his third child to the family, yet still takes time to teach classes for people who are interested in knowing where their food comes from, highlighting locally produced foods and award-winning Wisconsin cheeses.

"Some of the best cheesemakers are coming out of here right now, and those cheesemakers sometimes are the best people that are like, doing crazy stuff and things I've never seen done before. And that drives the cheese-making business and as a chef like, you always…always want the best possible ingredient available," said Miller.

Having opened four restaurants in the past four years doesn't keep Chef Tory from community outreach. He teaches school children how to garden, teaches bi-monthly cooking classes, and was instrumental in founding the Madison Area Chef's Network. 

Miller said "Kind of connecting all of the chefs in Madison and surrounding areas together to kind of make us all better. You know, basically, the rising tide raises all ships sort of a thing!"

The emphasis of the local chef group was getting together to share ideas to use locally produced foods.

"We want to still keep a Midwest vibe and have Midwestern values and things like that with our food, but at the same time honoring tradition, honoring seasonality," said Miller.

And while he's kind of a big deal, Chef Miller remains humble and loyal to his food philosophy, which is keeping it simple and using fresh, local ingredients.

Miller said "One of the best things that I do as a chef is letting farmers and cheesemakers shine on plates." 

Interested in taking one of Chef Tory's classes? Sign up here.

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