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PHOTO: Squirrel packs 50 pounds of pine cones under the hood

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Gabe Awrey photo via Facebook Gabe Awrey photo via Facebook

GAYLORD, Michigan (WISN) — A viral image is reminding drivers to check under the hood every now and then.

Gabe Awrey, of Gaylord, Michigan, posted this to Facebook: "Remember to check your engine bays this time of year! The squirrels are sneaky. This was my friend's car today!"

According to MLive, it took Awrey and his friend Kellen Moore 45 minutes to clear 50 pounds of pine cones.

"Literally every free space in that engine bay was FILLED. the heat from the engine opened all of these bad boys up too, making them lodged in some places," Awrey commented. 

Moore reportedly found the pine cones when he noticed his air conditioning was making a weird noise.

Awrey believes heat caused the pine cones to expand. He and Moore agreed squirrels were behind the massive collection.

"This stuff happens a lot up here," Awrey said. "It happens to everyone eventually. But not at this scale. At the worst you find some acorns in your air filter or what not. Everyone who has seen this can't believe it. It's the perfect set up for a squirrel though. Nice and insulated, lots of food with the pine cones. Pretty practical until your nest drives away."

Awrey's picture has gone viral, being shared more than 1,000 times. 

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