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Evansville dogs trained to sniff bedbugs, not explosives

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EVANSVILLE (WKOW) -- For nearly 25 years Scott Lindner trained K-9 dogs to sniff out explosives while serving as a Dane County Sheriff's deputy. Now retired, his passion continues. Instead of training dogs to sniff out a potential bomb, it's a different type of danger many people fear - bedbugs.

"Some states have a lot of bedbug detection dogs and others don't have any,” said Lindner. “It's just something as bedbugs become popular and we went from training explosive odors to training for another odor and that's a bedbug."

Norty is just one of two dogs at Lindner’s training facility in Evansville called K9 Bed Bug Detection Service LLC. Norty can quickly detect these pests within minutes, whereas a professional exterminator can sometimes take an hour to find them all.

The Lindners never imagined they’d be training dogs to sniff out bedbugs, but that all changed after a family member stayed in a hotel and experienced the bites herself.

"She left the hotel all bit up and I told him you know, let's do a dog that can detect bedbugs," said Tina Lindner.

It's not your typical profession, but the Lindners say it's a way to keep close to their furry friends.

"We had a lot of fun and doing it and it's sad to see that it came to an end, but we're just expanding it now and training other people's dogs and helping them understand them their dog."

The Lindners also own a dog training facility called Das Hund Haus. They hope to open a larger facility in the future. Scott currently stays busy between training and serving as the state coordinator for the North American Police Work Dog Association.

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