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UPDATE: Suspect named in shooting that left Madison man clinging to life

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- Antonio R. Gentry, 36, Madison, is the suspect in a shooting Wednesday night that left one person seriously injured, according to the Madison Police Department. He has been arrested on a parole hold.

The victim and Gentry knew each other said authorities, but the have not revealed a motive. People in the Waunona Woods neighborhood said many were left terrorized after a peaceful evening was turned upside down.

Marsha Henegar was not home when the shooting happen, but arrived later that evening to find community members heartbroken.

“I just feel like I got punched in the stomach,” said Henegar. “I really enjoy this neighborhood and it’s so unusual that something like this would happen."

Waunona Woods Court looks much different than last night, now blood stained sidewalks and boarded up apartment complexes remain.

Joel DeSpain with Madison Police said it left many parents and children scared after seeing the incident unfold.

After the suspect shot the victim in the head, he ran trying to escape from officers.

"He jumps a fence then attempts to carjack two different people and in the second car we had a gentleman and his two children,” said DeSpain. “He tells the passengers to get out of the car but he didn’t have the key fob, otherwise we would have gotten away."

The shooter ran around the neighborhood all while carrying a loaded gun with dozens of children and families were outside enjoying the nice weather. Police eventually caught the suspect in a nearby apartment in the maintenance closet.

"He terrorized the entire neighborhood on two different streets, getting into three different buildings trying to carjack people and we're lucky he didn't shoot anyone else," said DeSpain.

The 24 year old victim is clinging onto his life. An unpleasant unknown that is leaving the community sadden.

"People we're going to work and everyone looked pretty somber and sad," said Henegar.

“It's going to be very tough for him and his family and this is a very serious injury, it's life threatening and it can certainly go either way," said DeSpain.


UPDATE (WKOW) -- Madison Police say a 24-year-old man is clinging to life after he was shot in the back of the head inside an apartment on Waunona Woods Court.  

Chief Mike Koval said witnesses saw the shooter running across the complex with a gun in hand. Police are still looking for the gun used in the shooting. 

Officers say the suspect may have tried breaking into nearby cars to try to get away, before ducking inside an apartment building in the 6700 block of Bridge Road. Police found him there as he tried to barricade himself inside a maintenance room. 

The suspect, 36, was taken to a hospital for wounds on his hand and will be taken into custody when he's released.

Chief Koval says the victim and suspect knew each other, and this was not a random act of violence. He said this crime was an anomaly for that neighborhood.

"Everybody's out trying to stay cool and you've got a lot of kids in the neighborhood," he said. "When you have reckless behavior with a guy running about with a gun attempting to enter people's cars, it's very concerning."

Witnesses echoed that concern.

"I've never seen so many officers running through the neighborhood," said Sheila Stubbs, a Dane County Board member. "Multiple fire trucks, police cars, part of the street blocked off, barricaded, officers running at the end of the street. I've never seen that before."

Stubbs lives in the neighborhood and said she and others saw officers running with AR-15s as they tried to find the suspect and secure the scene. 

One witness said he heard at least one shot. Chief Koval said police were still looking into how many shots were fired. 

Police say the suspect will face at least an attempted homicide charge.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police confirm they are investigating a shooting on the city's southeast side.

Police tell 27 News the shooting happened on Waunona Woods Court. Officers did not have any details about injuries.

The Dane County Communications Center says the call came in just before 7:40 p.m. Wednesday.

Stick with 27 News for the latest on this developing story.

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