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Kids deal with trauma after Madison shooting

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The shooting that left a man clinging to life on Wednesday happened in front of several children, leaving them with trauma and fear. 

Many say kids are like sponges. They take everything in. But the children in the Waunona Woods apartment complex saw and heard things they never should have experienced. 

"Oh my gosh, I was so scared. My brother was crying a lot," said Kayla Velasco Gamboa, age nine, who was getting home as police arrived at the scene. 

Before the flashing police lights, the crime tape draping around trees and officers out with their AR-15s drawn, all that could be heard around the complex was the sound of laughter from kids playing at the playground. 

It was an ordinary summer-like day, until the sound of gunfire. 

"I heard one shot and I ran outside to grab my daughter," said one mother who lives at the complex who didn't want to be identified. 

Kayla and her brother Efraim remember seeing the scene. 

"It was so scary. I was so scared because there was a lot of police down there," Kayla said. 

Dozens of police officers scoured the complex as they searched for the suspect, who they ultimately found and arrested. The trauma and fear didn't only impact adults, but it scared kids, too. 

"We have children who witnessed the shooting itself. We have kids all over that neighborhood. We're just fortunate that there weren't more people shot," said Joel DeSpain, the spokesman for the Madison Police Department. 

It was a shared concern for Kayla and Efraim's dad. 

"I feel more worried. More worried about my kids," he said. 

He spoke with his two kids about what happened. Although little Kayla is still frightened, she hopes everyone can start getting along. 

"What I want for here and for the world, I want everyone to have peace," she said. 

It's something we can all strive for as those little ones around us, watch on. 

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