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Wisconsin Dairy News: Celebrating Wisconsin's cheese heritage

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PLYMOUTH (WKOW) -- After nearly four years in development, the Plymouth Cheese Counter and Dairy Heritage Center is now open to the public!

Susan Barth, the center's general manager said "It's wonderful to honor the history of cheese making in the city of Plymouth. As you know, 15 percent of the nation's cheese comes through Plymouth; hard to believe I know, but we do have four of the major companies; Sartori, Great Lakes Cheese, Masters Gallery, and Sargento."

Billing itself at the Cheese Capitol of the World, the center is a great destination to learn about the history of cheesemaking in the area as well as enjoy some of Wisconsin's award-winning cheeses.

"15% of all the cheese consumed moves through Plymouth, Wisconsin; this town of 8,000-some people. And there's no other community or city anywhere in the world that has that kind of impact in that much cheese." said Lee Gentine, The Redevelopment Authority Chair.

Lee's father started Sargento Foods, and also owned a gift shop called the Cheese Counter, which is where they got the name for the museum and heritage center.

Lee said "It was just a way of recognizing what a remarkable impact cheese has had on the city of Plymouth." 

From interactive trivia…to a selfie station…and a timeline that shows the history and impact of cheesemaking to our state; the Dairy Heritage Center is a great destination for visitors of all ages to learn how cheese has become the business foundation of Plymouth. And while you're there, you can enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich made with Wisconsin specialty cheeses!

"We are the 'Cheese Capital of the World' and so that is what we're trying to do is promote that. That this is where it's at!", said Susan. 

The Cheese Counter and Dairy Heritage Center was recently awarded the 2017 Community and Redevelopment Excellence award. Check out this website for more information.

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