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Wiseman making history with the Radicals

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The Madison Radicals return a stable of veterans and one very noticeable newcomer this season. Robyn Wiseman has joined the squad as the first woman to play for the professional ultimate team. She is just the third woman in league history (American Ultimate Disc League).

"She is a really, really good player. It's been a joy to have her on the team just as far as changing the dynamic a little bit," says head coach and owner Tim Debyl.

Wiseman may be new to the team but not to the sport. She is a three-time world champion with Team USA. Now, she's looking to bridge the gap to the male-dominated professional ranks.

"I will say that this season has been a challenge, because I feel like there has been a lot of extra pressure that goes along with that," says Wiseman. "I knew that from the beginning though."

Wiseman says one of the biggest hurdles has been finding a way to fit in with the guys. Fortunately, she already knew one of them very well...her husband, Dave Wiseman.

"You could probably guess we met playing ultimate, and now we are married," Dave says with a chuckle.

Dave has been with the Radicals since their inception in 2013. He's had his fair share of teammates. However, he quickly realized his wife would be an inspirational addition to the roster.

"For young girls to get to see someone like her, it gives them belief, and I think the community needs more of that."

Robyn doesn't play in every game, but she's always active in the sport. She coaches locally and also plays in women's leagues. Still, any time she spends with the Radicals is history and the future in the making.

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