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What's Going Around: Poison ivy

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SAUK CITY (WKOW) -- Poison ivy is becoming more common as people get outside.

Rachel Kaderavek, a physician assistant with Prairie Clinic in Sauk City, offered some tips if you get it. 

Kaderavek says you get poison ivy from the oil on the plant. That oil can stay on clothes, pets, tools and other things, so it's important to wash those things, as well as your skin immediately after contact.

If you do get it, you'll notice an itchy, red rash. You may also have fluid-filled blisters.

Kaderavek says treat with hydrocortisone cream, apply a cool compress and use calamine lotion or take an oral antihistamine to relieve symptoms.

If the rash continues even with treatment, a health care provider can get you a prescription.

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