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Madison family shaken by burglary and the suspicious call that followed

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Text from a man trying to sell a burglary victim's stolen items back Text from a man trying to sell a burglary victim's stolen items back

MADISON (WKOW) -- Houses get broken into all the time. But the victim usually doesn't get a call from someone offering to sell them their stolen items.

That's what happened to Dan Bauman after his laptop and laptop bag were stolen, along with his wife's purse, from their Ice Age Drive home early Tuesday morning.

The Madison Police Department says three homes were hit on the city's southwest side early Tuesday morning -- on Ice Age Drive, Sabertooth Trail and Mammoth Trail. The crime was part of a series of burglaries police believe are connected.

A burglar or burglars came into the Bauman home while the family slept.

“Someone had broken in through the course of the night, either through our garage door or our interior garage door, and took some stuff from our entryway,” Bauman said. “It was scary. We did a quick, I did a check of the house. I had some concern that someone was still in the house.”

Bauman wasn't sure they would get the stolen stuff back. But then he got a voicemail from a man claiming he bought the laptop from someone else.

“Hey Dan, this is (inaudible). And I was just calling to let you know I was currently at a gas station at Mobil and I came across this kid that was selling a Macbook Air,” the caller said.

“He sold it to me for $400. And I came home to check it out and stuff. And it was clear to me that it was stolen,” the caller said.

The man got Bauman's number from a business card left in the laptop bag and wanted to sell the laptop back to him.

“I don't want to keep your stuff...(inaudible)...interesting stuff. Or stuff that's yours. I don't want to. I just want my money back bro. That's it. So give me a call back at this number,” the caller said.

Bauman contacted the police and starting texting with the man hoping to set up a meeting.

“I'm thinking it's possibly the people that actually broke into our home that are reaching out to me. But I knew that we shut off our credit cards right away that morning we found everything. I knew the laptop serial number had been reported or would be reported to the pawn shops,” he said.

According to Bauman, police have a man in custody in connection with the burglary of his house. He has not been arrested. But is being questioned to determine if his story holds up.

“We originally reached out to the police. They took a statement right away, that morning. They were here quite quickly,” he said. “Police were able to set up a way to meet with that person and get my stuff back. And today they reached out right away this morning. And we've gotten some headway. We got it back,” Bauman said.

Bauman got his laptop and laptop bag back, but not the contents of his wife's purse. Still, the whole ordeal has left the family shaken.

“Obviously it starts to make you think what do I do, what don't I do to protect my family on a regular basis. A knee jerk reaction is to start looking at security and other ways to help amplify our home, which we have been and will probably pursue at this point."

His says they're having trouble sleeping at night.

“The lack of sleep knowing someone was in your house. They were close to the master bedroom. My wife was sleeping in there while I was away. We're hoping now that we're starting to recoup some things and things will get back to normal.”

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