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Oregon man comes face to face with intruder

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OREGON (WKOW) -- Imagine walking downstairs and finding a stranger in your home. That nightmare was a reality for one man and his family.

The break-in happened around 10:30 Thursday night on South Main Street in Oregon.

Jeremiah Yungen came face to face with the suspect in his kitchen. 

"I took off screaming at them, 'what are you doing in my house?'" Yungen said. 

This was Yungen's first reaction when he realized a man was in his home. 

The family moved to their house in Oregon about a year ago because they felt it was a safe area. 

"They come down to little towns like Oregon because we're comfortable," Yungen said. "We feel safe and we leave our doors unlocked, or did." 

The family was having a bonfire in their front yard, they had just finished cleaning up and were inside getting ready for bed. Yungen was about to go outside to lock up. When he walked out of his bedroom, he saw the intruder in his kitchen.  

"There's a guy in my house," Yungen said. "My initial reaction is to run after him. I get outside and there's two guys with him and they jump in a car. "

Yungen was going to follow the intruder, but he couldn't. 

"Turns out they stole my car keys, my house keys," Yungen said. "Everything." 

Yungen has two young sons, age 6 and 13. They were afraid to sleep in their home so they stayed at a neighbors house. 

Jeremiah Yungen stayed home that night.

"I sat up outside until the sun came up because they have every way into my house at that point," Yungen said. 

Since the intrusion, the Yungens have changed their locks, bought new keys for their car, and bought a security system for their home. 

They say they'll be ready if it happens again. 

"I'm not going to sit back, I'm going to protect myself," Yungen said. "If they come back to my house I will not be unarmed."

The break in is still under investigation. 

Police believe the intruder got in through an open garage door.

The suspect vehicle in this case may be connected to another armed robbery in Madison earlier the same day.

Police say you should always make sure your home is locked and secure before going to bed.

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