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Grant County woman uses EMS training to help save sister

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GRANT COUNTY (WKOW) -- As Sarah Young was lying in bed at UW-Madison hospital, she thought back to the event that got her there.

“I was scared-er than scared. I didn't know where I was, didn't know what was going on, I was scared, I was cold,” she said.

While driving on Jimtown Road near her parent's home near Cuba City in Grant County Friday, she blacked out and crashed her car into a creek.

The 34-year-old was unconscious inside the partially-submerged car for more than an hour before waking up. She wasn't sure how she would get out as the water began to rise.

“It started sprinkling and there was already enough water in the creek, I didn't need anymore,” Young said.

Luckily her cell landed on the dashboard and she was able to call her family.

“It took me less than 10 minutes to get here and when I arrived, my brother and my step-dad were standing on the bridge back there,” said her sister Kathy Droessler.

Droessler is part of the local EMS team. So when she arrived at the scene and saw her sister's car submerged, she knew she was at the right place at the right time.

“The biggest thing was trying to keep her calm in the car until the rest of the EMS and fire department had arrived so that we could get her out safely,” Droessler said.

Young was in a lot of pain, but felt a certain comfort knowing her family was there.

“My family is the greatest family in the world,” Young said.

“Just being able to talk her down a little bit and to be able to comfort her. And it probably helped the fact that I am her sister,” Droessler said.

Young was taken to the hospital and is doing better. But if not for her sister's EMS training, this story could have a much different ending.

“Of my gosh, that was just my sister in that life-threatening situation. But the training kicked in and I did what I was supposed to do,” Droessler said.

“She's one of a kind, a very good sister,” Young said.

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