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Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier advocates for climate change policies on Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WKOW) -- 27 Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier met with local Congressional leaders to lobby for climate change policies. On Tuesday, he headed to the offices of Ron Johnson, Tammy Baldwin and Mark Pocan's for meetings.

He traveled with a group of 1,400 people from across the country associated with "Citizens' Climate Lobby," a bipartisan, nonprofit organization that wants to advance a climate solution through Congress.

One of the policies the group is pushing for is called a "Carbon Fee and Dividend." This would impose a fee on all fossil fuels (i.e. $0.009 per gallon of gas). The money would be held in a trust and then be redistributed as a monthly dividend back to American consumers.

The organization says 2/3 of households would "break even or make a profit" through this plan and people could then make independent choices about their energy usage.

To learn more about the Madison-area chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby, click here.

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