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Will Special Election winners keep their seats come November?

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Now that the special elections are over, many are wondering if the winners will be able to keep their positions come November. Both victors, Republican Jon Plumer in the 42nd Assembly District and Democrat Caleb Frostman in the 1st Senate District, will be up for re-election in five months.

Barry Burden, UW Political Science Professor and Director of the Elections Research Center College of Letters and Science, said these victories may be short lived.

“I think the candidates will have an advantage going into those races being incumbents, but it's no guarantee they will continue to serve in 2019," said Burden.

Both Plumer and Frostman will never take a vote in the Capitol, yet they’ll have an office in the building and be able to answer to constituents to build their support.

"In some ways not having to take roll call votes in the Legislature is a positive so it can't be used against you in the upcoming election, so you don't have that baggage," said Burden.

It's been more than 40 years since a Democrat won in the 1st Senate District, but Plumer’s victory in the 42nd Assembly District helps counter that as Democrats are gearing up to take seats across the state in 2018.

"Democrats won one, Republicans won one, but Democrats got the better half of that,” said Burden. “The Senate is much more closely divided -- now there might be an opportunity for Democrats to take a run at actually taking back the Senate this fall."

Voters in both districts backed President Donald Trump by double digits in 2016. A sign Democrats will use as an advantage come November.

"The fact that a district like that can flip when there's no Democrat at the top of the ticket helping pull Democratic voters out shows they have a lot of energy on their side."

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