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McFarland PD searches for possible child enticement suspect

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- The Cedar Glade neighborhood in McFarland is described by neighbors as peaceful and safe. However, after a startling incident where a suspected child enticer tried to lure children into his car, parents and police are on the lookout for the man who may have done it. 

"I mean there are kids everywhere. There are kids out playing, there are lots of parks," said Jessica Douglas. 

She's a mother of one, a three year old boy named Lane, and has a little girl on the way. To her safety is everything. 

"He says hi to everyone," said Jessica as she looked down at Lane as they played with water balloons in the summer sun. 

But among the summer fun, their neighborhood is talking about a startling incident that doesn't usually happen in McFarland. 

"It was pretty surprising, I mean you don't think it will happen in your neighborhood, especially out here," Jessica said. 

She's referring to the warning put out by McFarland Police on Friday. 

"A van was driving by and tried picking up some girls and offered them a ride," Jessica explained. 

The suspected child enticement incident happened on June 9th, according to a press release sent out by Police Chief Craig Sherven. A sketch was also released of a man who police believe could have tried luring young children into his car. The drawing shows a white man with glasses, a side of his head is shaved and he's wearing a distinct lip ring. 

The suspect is believed to be between 30 and 45 years old and was driving what witnesses describe as a white Dodge Caravan, according to police. 

"I mean it's kind of terrifying. There's a lot of kids in the neighborhood. It's not something you really want to hear about that's happening so close to home," Jessica said. 

She said Lane will continue to be allowed to play outside, but she'll be keeping a close eye on him. 

"Definitely! Always making sure that we know where he is and that we're always out with him and locking our doors," she added. 

If you have any information about the man drawn in the sketch, you're asked to call McFarland Police at 608-838-3151 or 9-1-1.


McFARLAND (WKOW) -- Police in this Dane County village are looking for a person who may have wanted to lure a group of kids into taking a ride with him. 

In a news release Friday afternoon, Police Chief Craig Sherven says last Friday, June 9th, they took a report about a white man approaching a group of young people in the Red Oak / Leanne Lane area. He drove up to them in a white Dodge Caravan and asked them if they wanted a ride.  No one was able to tell police more about the van or report a plate number. 

The suspect reportedly was about 30-45 years old, had a beard and black hair that was shaved over half of his head. Witnesses also told police the man had a lip ring. It's possible he also wore glasses.  A police sketch artist helped compile an image of the suspect. 

If you see this person or anyone closely matching the description, contact the McFarland Police Department at 608-838-3151 or 9-1-1.

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