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It's hot! Don't leave your child or pet inside a hot car!

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Temperatures in our area are expected to reach the 90s this weekend. If it's that hot outside of a car, you can imagine how hot it would be inside a car with the windows up and no air conditioning. So, you want to be extra careful not to leave your child or pet in your vehicle, even for just a few minutes.

Wisconsin is one of a handful of states that have a hot car law on the books. But if you come across a car with children or pets inside, you can't just smash someone's car window. You must first make a reasonable effort to see if the parent or pet owner is nearby or approaching. You should also contact local police or animal control to report the incident before breaking the window.

Beloit Police Chief David Zibolski said they'll have several officers on the lookout for child or animals left in the sheltering heat and will take “whatever action is appropriate” to get a child out.

“If we have to break a window to get a kid out of a car, absolutely, we'll break a window. If the kid's in distress after that, we would call EMS to make sure that they're OK,” Zibolski said.

Zibolski said it's really all about using common sense.

If it looks like the child or pet is in distress and you can't get a hold of someone, then breaking the window may be the only option.

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