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Vintage Verona farmhouse piques public interest during construction

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VERONA (WKOW) -- It's a house that has stood the test of time in Verona. 

The world has changed around the little farmhouse at the corner of State Highways M and PD, but the building itself has stayed the same since the 1860s. 

It used to be tucked back behind trees, but a road project has cleared those away so the farmhouse sticks out. People driving by on South Pleasant View Road have been able to see it, along with a unique wreath that hangs on the front door.  

Dozens of people got up close and personal with the building Saturday when the Verona Historical Society hosted an event to provide more background and history about it.  

The society's president Jesse Charles said, "It feels very validating that the mission of saving local history is something people can connect with. You can't always tell. Facebook isn't always the best indicator."

He added, "But when people show up on a hot day like this and come out here and are interested, it just makes you feel good that there is this interest."

The historical society wanted to make sure people know that the house is safe from any construction. The expanding highway will be built around it.

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