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As A/C need rises, a reminder to keep units well maintained

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MADISON (WKOW) -- For air conditioning repair professionals, our recent hot weather is when the work gets done.

"Very, very, busy, it's been non-stop and that's great," Jim Nickols, owner of Leading Edge Heating & Air, said.

On a hot Sunday Nickols, a 28-year veteran of the air conditioning repair business, had to take care of a unit not working as intended.

It's something the residents can't wait to change.

"The afternoons are really hot, so it's been uncomfortable and full of heat," Kaitlyn, one of the residents, said.

After making sure the coolant is in good shape, Nickols find the culprit.

"Right out of the gate, I've noticed here, is that if you look, you can see that coil is dirty," Nickols said, pointing at debris clogging the unit.

He says that a clogged radiator coil is a rather common issue. Cottonwood seeds, lawn clippings and even dryer lint usually find their way into the machine. Luckily it's a pretty easy fix.

"You can clean it just by spraying it with a garden hose," Nickos said. "You don't have to worry about whether the unit's running, whether it's off, it doesn't care, just go ahead and make sure that it's cleaned up."

It's even something he encourages homeowners to do before calling a professional. That, coupled with yearly check-ups, can really make a difference.

"It's worth a little bit of money to get this tuned up every year to save a lot of potential issues," Nickols said.

After all, these are machines that are expected to run for decades, and you really want them on hot weekends.

"If you're not operating efficiently, you're taking years of life out of your unit and especially in this heat," Nickols said. "It's running as hard as it can on a day like this, it's very important to make sure it's well maintained.

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