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Pocan travels to US-Mexico border

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(WKOW) -- Wisconsin 2nd District Representative Mark Pocan was in McAllen, Texas Sunday to learn more about the situation unfolding at the southern border of the United States.  

During the trip, Pocan met with officials at the Border Patrol Processing Center, toured the McAllen Border Patrol Station, visited the Hidalgo Port of Entry/International Bridge, tour the Brownsville Children’s Shelter (a former Walmart converted into a detention center), and tour the ICE ERO Detention Facility.

While at Brownsville Children's Shelter Pocan held a press conference. 

"They need 90 mental health professionals to deal with what they have just in the last two months and they don't have it," said Pocan. "And you don't think a child who is in this facility who has a 6 by 10 living area, by the way a supermax prison cell is 8 by 12, a 6 by 10 area and you get out two hours a day? That to a 10 years old child is a prison. And we just really need to do everything we can to make the president realize that his decision is a perverse one and it's un-american."

The Border Patrol says it's providing adequate meals, bathrooms access, and medical care.

"That is no different than a US Citizen parent that is going through a judicial process prosecuted for violating the law-- being separated from their parents as well," said US Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief. 

Nearly two-thousand have been taken from their parents since the Trump administration announced its "zero tolerance" policy against people entering the U.S. without legal permission.

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