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Storms blow trees on top of houses in Janesville

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Once again, Mother Nature showed her strength as she pushed thunderstorms through southern Wisconsin. The torrential rain and winds meant one neighborhood lost some of its longest-tenured residents. 

The storm moved through with intensity, but neighbors say they were quick and unexpected. 

"Not on Wright Road! Not here, nope, never," said Donna Lessner as she was still shocked looking at the downed trees in her front yard. 

Lessner and her husband have called their house on North Wright Road home for 24 years, but have never been impacted by such a powerful storm. 

"Our children, our nieces and nephews, grandchildren have grown with these trees. They've climbed these trees," she said as she remembered the memories made with her two beloved ash trees in her front yard. 

They were no match for the storms that brewed over Janesville. One of the tree's trunk ended up splitting in half as parts of the tree fell on a neighbor's house. 

Large branches and tons of leaves could be seen on the roof of his home. 

"Our neighbor's garage has been maybe hurt a little bit, maybe a lot," Lessner said. 

Nobody was inside at the time and no injuries were reported. 

She nor her husband could touch the downed tree until their neighbor's insurance company was called to come out and evaluate the situation. Lessner's insurance company notified her that she would not be covered. She now plans to have her family come out and help her clean up the mess. 

Down the street, all one could hear was hard work. Despite the sprinkles and at times light showers, neighbors were lending a helping hand. One man could be seen using a lift to help pick up large branches and sticks. They were then dumped into a trailer to be carried off. 

A couple houses down from Lessner's home, another tree was seen lying on it's side. Parts of it were on top of another neighbor's roof. 

"Definitely not something I was expecting to see when I got home," said James Joyce as he and his mother watched on as a local company used chainsaws to cut the tree into pieces. 

Their 30-plus year old tree had snapped at its base during the storm. 

"Uh, [it was] maybe 50 to 60 feet tall, hard to say for sure. It was a pretty big tree," said Joyce. 

Their source of shade will now be made into chips as the crews shed the branches. Nobody was in the house that the tree fell on. 

Back at Lessner's house, she's optimistic she'll see her tree in a new form. 

"I'm hoping to maybe make a couple tables out of it, if I can, maybe some bowls," she said as she smiled. 

Nobody lost power on the street as a result of the storms. Other neighbors reported losing shingles from their roofs as some of their large branches also fell into their yards and on the roofs. 

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