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Sauk County put on West Nile virus alert

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SAUK COUNTY (WKOW) --- The Sauk County Health Department has put out an alert for county residents to take extra precautions when outdoors at dawn or dusk to prevent mosquito bites when the insects are most active. 

This increases the likelihood of a person being bitten by one of the bugs carrying West Nile virus. 

"West Nile virus is here to stay, so the best way to avoid the disease is to reduce exposure," said Tara Hayes, Sauk County health officer. 

County health officials say the discovery of a dead crow, which tested positive for West Nile, prompted the alert. 

Being bitten by a mosquito carrying West Nile does not mean a person will get the disease. 

If fact, 80 percent of people who get West Nile do not get sick from it. 

The other 20 percent might get flu-like symptoms like fever, headache or fatigue. 

Less than 1 percent of those bitten will get seriously sick requiring a trip to the doctor or hospital.  

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