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Shower Bases

Renew-It shower bases are custom manufactured to fit perfectly over any size shower base.  Our revolutionary design and installation technology means we can go over virtually any size and shape shower base.  Plus our installation technology guarantees a perfect watertight fit without disturbing your walls, floors or plumbing.

Unlike bathtub liners, Renew-It will not install just a shower base liner without a wall system.  We don't leave anything to chance.  Shower stalls are notorious for water leaks so to guarantee a perfect watertight fit, we need to do the complete shower, including the walls.  Since there is more involved in shower unit installation, it usually takes us one and one-half to two days to complete the installation.

As with our tub and wall material, the acrylic used for Renew-It's shower liners is the thickest material available in the market place today.  Renew-It spares no expense to provide the strongest and most durable acrylic for our customers needs.  Our product will not chip, crack, dent, peel, separate, rust or fade.

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