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Mother and son team up for flood relief


MADISON (WKOW) -- Your mother raised you, taught you right from wrong and now, she's working with you. That's the situation one man finds himself in, as half of a mother-son team working side by side for the American Red Cross.

It's an interesting situation. It might seem a little weird if mom was right next to you at work, but it appears to be working just find for two people who really are making a difference.

Eleanore Morgan has been a volunteer with the American Red Cross for 23 years. Her home is Bradenton, Florida. At the sprightly young age of 83 she has no signs of slowing down. There is one thing you should know if you ever meet this Red Cross superstar. Don't call her Eleanore.

"Everybody calls me El and if they don't call me El they call me Mom."

Jack Morgan is entitled to call her mom. Jack really is El's son. This retired bank executive has been a Red Cross volunteer for 29 years and makes his home Jacksonville, Florida.

With more than 50 years of Red Cross volunteering between them, the two have always seemed to get assignments that kept them separated, until now.

El says "It was wonderful for me, anyway, because of the fact that he lives 300 miles away from me, so I only see him three or four times a year, so it's been great."

The two are assigned to the temporary Red Cross office on Deming Way and El says "They're having a ball with it on this job. They're saying, oh, is it bring your son to work day? Is today the work day? Bring your son to work? And they're teasing him too."

Jack says these nine days are the longest time they've been on the job together and the most time he's spent with his mother in 25 years. And actually, Jack was surprised when his boss told him he was coming to Wisconsin to help those hit hard by flooding.

Make no mistake, handling those hit hard by rising rivers and high water are their first priority. Their work comes first. But Jack does offer advice when it comes to getting work done when mom is nearby: "Make sure you always realize that if you go out, work with your mom, they're still the boss and they still know a lot more than you do."

El says she does it "because of the expressions on the people's faces. Because of the notes. The letters. The hugs." And in this case, the opportunity to work with your son.

Mom and son are both back in Florida tonight after helping out those affected by flooding here in South Central Wisconsin. Both are preparing to be sent somewhere else because it is hurricane season.

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