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27 News Troubleshooter: Vacation resolution

MADISON (WKOW) -- On-line travel sites can be a very convenient way to book an entire vacation.

They'll help reserve your airline tickets, make hotel reservations, even help get you a rental car.

But for one area family, recent trip to mexico turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare.

And until they contacted the 27 News Troubleshooter they thought they were out thousands of dollars.

It's one of those stories that kind of makes you cringe when you hear it.

Carrie Gruber, her parents, and 5 young kids were on their way to the Cancun area for her brother's wedding.

She relied on an on-line travel site to handle all the reservations, but when they all got to the airport to fly out, there was no record of them flying that day.

Sunny Mexico, it's a place to go to relax, and have a good time.

But for the gruber family, it wasn't all good times.

Carrie Gruber says, "We had out entire family on vacation in this beautiful tropical location, and still we had this dark cloud over our head."

Getting there was half the battle.

They had made their reservations though bookit.com.

But upon arrival at the airport they learned their flight had not been confirmed by bookit, and they were told they would have to re-purchase tickets for all 8 people in the travel party.

Gruber told us, "They didn't say specifically what happened, but they admitted fault in so few words, and said we would be reimbursed for the charges."

So, they re-purchased tickets to the tune of 56-hundred dollars, and were on their way.

But there were still a lot of unanswered questions, like when they would return home, and would they have transportation to and from the airport?

And while they did enjoy the trip, they spent about 30 hours in sunny Mexico trying to get issues with bookit resolved.

"We had more than 600 dollars in international phone charges trying to get this cleared up while we were in Mexico."

Those weren't the only extra charges.

They stayed an extra night because it meant cheaper airline tickets, but that also meant an extra night in a hotel and extra transportation from the hotel to the airport.

In total, the extra charges they accrued as a result of what they say was bookit's mistake added up to more than 75-hundred dollars.

"The only thing that was confirmed in the time while we were in Mexico, was they called and told us we would be reimbursed 3-thousand dollars." according to Gruber.

Understandably, that was not acceptable.

They sent a detailed list of the extra charges to bookit, and asked that they be reimbursed in full, as they were told they would be.

Gruber says "The final offer I think was $1,500 less than what we submitted for reimbursement."

In the meantime, she had contacted the 27 News Troubleshooter.

That same day I left messages with bookit through email and by phone asking if there was something more they could do to help the Gruber family.

She says, "They called back by Friday morning, the following morning, and said we would be reimbursed in full."

Someone from bookit did call me back about two weeks after I originally contacted them, but they only left a message saying that they couldn't talk to me about the situation, because my name wasn't on the reservation.

The Grubers have now been fully reimbursed.

But carrie says there is no doubt in her mind, if we had not made that contact with bookit, they would still be out 15-hundred dollars.

The Gruber's did receive a confirmation letter from bookit before the trip, so they assumed everything was taken care of.

In hindsight, Carrie says when booking everything through one site, it's probably a good idea to confirm things like your flight and hotel reservation ahead of time.

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