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The maid with a phD

Elise Rose's unusual advertisement in a local grocery store caught our attention. Elise Rose's unusual advertisement in a local grocery store caught our attention.

Tons of people walk in and out of Metcalfe's Sentry every day. Each walks right by the bulletin board near the front of the store. It's plastered with sheets and cards for every kind of service or product you can buy or sell.

A few caught our eyes -- belly dancing lessons, summer science lab for girls, and big league and wiffle ball.

One in particular we couldn't ignore. It offered to hire someone to clean your house before you bring in a maid. Enter Elise Rose. She's the brains behind the idea. Boy does she have brains.

"I have a phD in environmental plant physiology," Rose explains. "I was a worldwide expert in ethylyne and wrote an encyclopedia article for McGraw Hill encylcopedia of science and technology, and I was on the White House committee for science and technology policy."

Elise isn't wasting her education. The best way for her to make money with a degree like that is by tutoring. "That's the best way for me. That's the highest wage I receive, but the second best is to clean houses."

Let's take a closer look at her sign in the store. It reads: 'Too messy for the maid. I will clean your house without judgment. Don't worry, I've seen it all.'

So what does Elise's house look like on the inside? Don't know! She really doesn't want us to go in and have a look around. But the reason for that is very simple. "It's much easier way easier to clean someone else's house than to clean your own because there are no issues then," said Rose. "You don't have to feel bad about what you haven't done."

That's a message that doesn't always get through. "One guy called me, and he said I really need this done. My wife needs this done. I finally talked her into it because of your ad and then he called me back an hour before I was supposed to come and he said, no she just can't stand to have anybody see it."

Apparently there's a lot of that going around. It has nothing to do with your education or whether you're a good or bad person. Don't believe it? Just talk with Elise... the phD maid. Her number's on the board at Metcalfe's Sentry

Elise is also a tutor at the University of Wisconsin. Apparently she's pretty good at that, too. None of her students have flunked chemistry or physics, the two strongest subjects she tutors.

She adds for us, as long as the money keeps coming, she'll keep cleaning.

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