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CONTINUING COVERAGE: Madison homicide investigation

Wednesday 7/16/08 2:40 p.m. UPDATE

The Dane County Coroner released the name of the woman killed yesterday at 910 W. Badger Road in the City of Madison.  She is 45-year old Cassandra J. Mays, a resident at that addresss.

Preliminary findings show that Mays died as a result of blood loss from multiple slash and stab wounds. The case remains under investigation by the Dane County Coroner's Office and City of Madison Police.


Wednesday 7/16/08 9:11 a.m. UPDATE

Madison police tell 27 News they do not believe a third party was involved in the murder.

Police say it was a domestic fight between 50-year-old Daniel Wright of Madison and the deceased woman.

Wright is now in custody on outstanding warrants while he remains hospitalized.

Detectives have not yet been able to speak with Wright, and police say he has not yet been arrested on any tentative charges pertaining to the death.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday morning to determine the woman's cause of death. 

Her name will be released when results are finished.


Tuesday 7/15/08 9:32 p.m. UPDATE

MADISON (WKOW) - It was a gruesome scene for some witnesses standing outside of this building on west Badger Road.

Before 2:00pm Tuesday, a man staggered out of 910 W. Badger Road drenched in his own blood.

"An Officer came in, laid him down, he was gushing blood," says witness Danielle Reuter who is the property manager of Parker Place, an apartment complex across the street from the crime scene.

Police entered the building and inside one of the apartments they found a woman dead.

Police officials would not tell us how she died or the extent of her injuries.

Police are treating the investigation as a homicide.

The street was completely wrapped in yellow tape, keeping residents like Nelson Turner from entering the building.

He lives across from where the stabbing happened.

"No, he was a pretty good guy, i never knew anything bad about nobody, know what I'm saying," Turner says.

Other neighbors say they are scared, but not suprised saying the area is no stranger to violence.

"Your own kids asking you and the kids on the bus asking you what's going on, and parents not wanting to bring their kids to the area," says neighbor Tina Torres.

Several complaints were filed with the city of Madison last year about the ongoing problems with 910 W. Badger Road.

In July of 2007, the landlord reached a deal with the city. Stating if no other problems were reported the nuisance charges could be dropped.

This year neighbors say the block has been taped off at least three times, one of those was for a shooting in February.

Neighbors say enough is enough.

"I'd like to see it enforced that the building be taken away and do something about it," says Reuter.

Police say the man taken to the hospital is in stable condition.

They say they can not confirm if a third person is involved in the crime or if it was just between the man and woman.

We contacted the property management of 910 W. Badger Road. They declined to comment.

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