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11 months later, Oregon residents get buyouts

OREGON (WKOW) -- Monte Johnson walked up to our interview today smiling and relaxed.  11 months ago, he seemed like a nervous wreck.  His home was flooded.  His basement was gutted.  And he had no idea what the future held.  He and his wife were one of six homeowners on Florida Avenue and Burr Oak in the Village of Oregon whose homes were flooded by a tiny little creek in August 2007. 

Since then, they've worked with village officials to secure buy-out grants from federal and state authorities to move out of the flood plain. 

"The village did a good job keeping on top of it," said Johnson.  "It seemed like five years of ups and downs.  Every time it storms, you wonder what's going to happen." 

The village secured three DNR grants and one FEMA grant and is working on two more grants.  All six homes cost just over $1 million.  They hope to tear down the homes and convert the area into a park or nature area by the end of the year.

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