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Milton woman furious over mess left behind by sidewalk construction

MILTON (WKOW) -- Carol Johnson loves sidewalks.  She's known in the city of Milton to some public officials as the woman who argues for more sidewalk construction.  However, she hates the sidewalk the city is building in front of her home on Green Hill Drive.

The city's construction crews bulldozed her 4-foot rock wall to make room for the sidewalk.  Then, they piled the rocks in the middle of the street.  Johnson and her daughter spent hours moving the rocks closer to the curb. 

"They left it as our responsibility as homeowners to repair the rock wall," said Johnson.  "I'm angry and exhausted.  We want to move.  But who would buy our home now?" 

The city of Milton borrowed more than $1 million in an ambitious project to repave roads and build sidewalks across the city. 

It isn't doing anything wrong by tearing down the 50-year-old rock wall, since the previous owners built it on the public right-of-way.  The city is not required to pay for reconstruction. 

"Can I see why she'd be upset? I don't know," said Milton Mayor Nate Bruce. "I haven't had that experience. So I don't know."

Johnson says it will cost $1,000 or more to rebuild the wall herself.

After our story aired on 27 News, a landscaper called our newsroom to offer to help Johnson rebuild the rock wall or give her ideas how to do it best herself.  We will update you when and if the landscaper helps.

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