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Up for an ESPY


WHITEWATER (WKOW) -- Matt Scott is an exceptional collegiate athlete.   The UW-Whitewater Senior has been a big man on campus, and now he's getting national attention.

He's been nominated for a national espy award and will soon find out if he's a winner.  

Matt Scott and Jeremy Lade love to shoot hoops in the Roseman Gym on the UW-Whitewater campus.

Matt's one semester away from completing his degree in social work.

Jeremy is the new head of wheelchair athletics at Whitewater.

Both are excellent athletes who played together on the UW-Whitewater wheelchair basketball team. Both have played together on the United States National Wheelchair Basketball team.   Scott since 2004, Lade since 2002.

Both are ambassadors of their sport.

"Getting people to the games is probably the toughest battle. Once you get them to the games, we've found that people just absolutely just love the sport," Jeremy Lade says. 

National attention on Matt is giving their sport some attention and providing an opportunity to grow the fan base.

"I think with Matt being nominated for an ESPY, it's just a fantastic opportunity for people that aren't normally exposed to wheelchair athletics to maybe get an opportunity to get out there and see some stuff like that," Lade says. 

The national platform means more than just attention for Matt Scott.

"I'm glad that I can represent Wisconsin as a state, represent the University of Wisconsin Whitewater as a university, represent the Whitewater Warhawks as a wheelchair basketball program and to represent the USA in Beijing," Matt Scott says. 

You may be wondering about Scott's disability. It's spina bifida - a birth defect leaving him unable to walk. It hasn't stopped him from competing as an athlete.

Matt Scott knows how to win.

"If I win it, or if I don't, I'm happy with it. I'm happy with the nomination. I'm happy with where I am as an athlete I'm happy with my accomplishments in my career," Scott says. 



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