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The junk lady of Cottage Grove

Cheri Nelson shows reporter Joe LaBarbera through her store of 'junk.' Cheri Nelson shows reporter Joe LaBarbera through her store of 'junk.'

The next time you're buzzing along County Road BB near Cottage Grove, keep an eye out for one place in particular. 

If you're politically correct you might call it a resale store.  If you're not p.c., you'd affectionately call this the junk store.  It's real name is Good ol' Stuff. 

You'll find everything here, including the kitchen sink... the old kitchen sink. Cheri Nelson has figured out what makes all of this work.

"People buy junk," said Nelson. "They buy crusty junk."

This place is full of it. I mean, who knows when you'll need a polaroid camera or someone else's family tree. People buy the weirdest.. ahem... stuff.

"I have a man who comes in here and gets rusty crusty nails and he makes faces out of that," said Nelson.

Or maybe you could just buy something with a face already on it. What else does Cheri have? "I had twenty-seven nude men statues," she said. "They went from this size, to huge."

Most of it is cheap. Three-fourths of what's in Cheri's store is under two dollars. Most is either a quarter, a dime or a nickel. She's also got some really good stuff that sells for much more. That doesn't stop people from asking. "People that have money, want it for a quarter."

Records and tapes sell for 25 cents. If you need the old radio, record player or tape deck to listen to them, chances are she's got that too.

Nelson said on Saturdays, there's ususally about forty people in there.

They all helping Cheri Nelson earn her reputation and her living as the Cottage Grove junk lady. Remember... if it's old and worn out, don't throw it away. Give it to Cheri.

"The rustier, the crustier, the faster it sells," she concludes.

The junk lady is open Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The other days she goes around collecting more stuff for her store.

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