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Teaching the universal language


MADISON (WKOW) -- Bonnie Green is helping young people learn to perform music by giving them lessons they might not otherwise be able to afford.

The program is called Music Makers.  

It targets financially disadvantaged kids who Green has figured out how to reach.

These are the sweet sounds of young people getting a head start on life. The little fingers on these strings are building a foundation of skill that will last a lifetime.

Bonnie Green is the centerpiece that makes all of it possible.  She runs Madison's Making Music program, providing young people opportunities they might not otherwise have.

"Because music is extremely expensive," Bonnie Green says. "The instrument, the chauffering, the time investment on the parents part.  The school classes are wonderful and inspiring but they don't get enough attention there to continue and to be able to compete out there, to get into the youth symphony, etcetera etcetera so we're trying to give them an opportunity to do this."

Her program is less than two years old but she's succesfuly bringing quality music instruction to children whose families can't afford it.

This is  not just about playing the violin, it's about having a succesful life.  Something Ana Maradiaga's father understands well.

"I told him that I wanted to play either the violin or the guitar, and he said, 'first you have to learn the violin, then you can learn guitar,'" Maradiaga says.

Bonnie Green is making a difference to little Lexus Carter.

"Helpful," Lexus Carter says.  "Very helpful. I didn't have to learn all the songs on my own. I could just look over my shoulder and have someone there to help me."

That someone is Bonnie Green.

"I grew up being taught that we should give back and that maybe that's the best thing we could ever do.  I can't connect with thosusands of children at one time, but I can connect with a few and demonstrate what's possible," Green says.

For children involved in the Making Music program, the answer to what's possible is "Anything."  As long as you're willing to work at it.

Thanks to Bonnie Green, many of the barriers -- financially or otherwise --  are being removed. Paving the way for these young people to succeed.


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