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Meet the Extreme Makeover family


RICHLAND COUNTY (WKOW) -- We met up with the Anders-Beatty family before they took off for a week-long vacation to Canada.

Rochelle Anders and her four children have never seen a spotlight this big.

But they've lived through much worse.

"Well we've been through a lot, and here we are," she says.

The appearance of her home for the past 27 years is jarring.

"The roof's leaking, the chimneys leak," Anders says. "The ceiling is falling in the windows are broken, pretty much everything."

Last winter the home was mostly uninhabitable, Anders had to send her children away to relatives.

"I was living with a space heater for a couple months we had no wood," Anders says.  "I only had a wood furnace."

"She could not get to the fire wood because it was buried under 100 inches of so, so we really need to get her a better, livable situation," David Simon of Veridian Homes says.

Anders is thankful, saying the home was too much for her to maintain on her own.

She has worked as a first grade teacher in the Richland Center School District for 29 years.

She was divorced from her husband Gary Beatty when he died four years ago.

"Today it's the day that he passed away four years ago today," Anders says.

In 2005, Wal-Mart named her as teacher of the year, now this woman who taught so many students is thankful for what Extreme Makeover: Home Edition can offer her and her own children.

"It'll be cool to have  a brand new room, new space, to have space where the kids come and bring their families back," Anders says.


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