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Former Makeover family pitches in on new build site

RICHLAND COUNTY (WKOW) -- Among the volunteers pitching in on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project, is a family who knows exactly what the Anders-Beatty family will experience.

Carl Agnelly was at the build site where the only other Wisconsin family to be featured on the ABC program is lending a helping hand.

They include four children from the Koepke family from Dundee, near Fond du Lac. They were on the site all day, helping move materials and cleaning.

When we asked them why they came to Richland County, and what the Anders-Beatty family should expect when they return on Thursday, Jayna Beckford said "We really wanted to also see what the experience is like, how they do things behind the scenes. We were gone, so we wouldn't know how all this worked, and we thought we'd come help and check everything out."

Mitchell Koepke says the crew brought memories from their old house, to the new house and predicts the Anders-Beatty family knows "what you're going to miss, and what you're going to look forward to. It's a great feeling."

Like the Anders-Beattys, ABC took the Koepkes on a week-long vacation. The show's producers took away all access to T.V., internet & newspaper, so the family would be surprised when the reveal happened.

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