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Extreme Makeover home extremely green


RICHLAND COUNTY (WKOW) -- Constructing a home in under a week could be a challenge, but building one that environmentally friendly is becoming routine.

Veridian Homes' David Simon said all of the company's new homes qualify as part of the Madison Green Home Build program and Energy Star Certification.

For instance, at the Anders-Beattys new house, it means the front porch and back deck will be made of used vinyl.

Inside are energy efficient appliances.

A high-efficiency furnace cuts down on gas usage.

There's also a bit of a recycling effort around here.   A lot of the mulch that will be planted came from wood out of the old home.

In the yard, the landscaping features plants that are native to Wisconsin or otherwise grown here.

And out back - a rain garden and two rain barrels.

In this case it takes the water off the garage, which will be used for any of the plants out back or in the garden.

All built installed are recycled in less than a week.

And the environmental and monetary benefits could last a lifetime for the Anders-Beatty family. 

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