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Apartment construction concerns

MADISON (WKOW) -- Classes at UW-Madison don't start for 33 days, but already the rumor mill is spinning about a building that will house hundreds of students for the fall 2008 semester.

Ten stories tall and more than a million square feet, Lucky Apartments will house more than 800 people when the site opens in August.

Or, as many UW students, have heard, "if" it opens in August.

"I'm concerned, because I commuted last year and it's not fun at all," said student Brittany Perlman, who rented an apartment in Lucky. "So, everyone's pretty concerned if they're not able to move in on time."

She's one of several UW students who have walked passed 777 University Avenue recently, only to find dozens of workers, construction materials, and a fenced-off building.

Students are worried the project, which began in June of 2006, won't be ready when classes begin.

Developers say they understand student's concerns.

"It's scary in a lot of ways," said General Manager David Woodward. "You walk through you see a lot of work going on, but the reality is there IS a lot of work going on."

Managers say the rooms will be ready when students come knocking.

"Five days in the construction world is a ton, when you have hundreds of people paying attention to detail," said Woodward.

Several students have already visited their rooms.

Said Perlman, "I went and walked around. Most of the top floors are actually finished."

The lobbies and apartment offices might not be finished by August, developers say, but this will not affect move-in day.

C.O.O. Margaret Watson, said, "Our staff is ready to go. We have our move in plans. We're just waiting for our residents to arrive. You know finishing touches are happening, but we're going to be ready."

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