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Mount Horeb celebrates Mustard Day

Summer festivals in Wisconsin typically have a theme.

They celebrate a town, like at Waunafest, or a heritage, like Syttende Mai.

But one stands out for it's celebration of a condiment.

In Mount Horeb Saturday, the downtown was a giant celebration of mustard.

If you've never been to national mustard day in mount horeb, you'd be surprised just how much

can be done to celebrate it.

For starter's you have the French's mustard mascot.

Then there's the Dutchess of Mustard, Lady Liberty Mustard.

Take your normal carnival games and mustardize them, with prizes being, of course, mustard.

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile was there.

But a big thing for the event this year, was the unveiling of the first and only mustard vending


An idea thought up by the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum curator.

"I was walking down the street with a naked hot dog one day and i thought to myself if only there were a vending machine of mustard. I could put a few dollars in and get mustard. And i could sprinkle it liberally on my hot dog," curator Barry Levenson said.

Now obviously, not everyone thinks of the need for mustard in that way.

But it fits for the mustard museum.

And the biggest crowd draw, free hot dogs.

More than 3,000.

But there is a catch to that.

The hot dogs are only free if you put mustard on them.

If you want ketchup, that'll cost you $10.

About 4,000 people came to this year's mustard celebration.

Money raised goes towards the mustard museum and local skate park.

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