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Q & A with Kim: Door to door sales


MADISON (WKOW) -- Summer is the prime time for many scammers to take action.

We've had more than one complaint from people in Poynette who say they were ripped off by a door to door salesman selling books and magazines.

Consumer reporter Kim Sveum looked into these complaints, and the company this saleman claims to be with after Scott from Poynette called us saying, "My wife and I ordered Disney books for 33 dollars from a guy who came to the door trying to earn money for a trip to Italy.

He was selling them under the business name Always Helping People LLC."

This happened last Wednesday.

Scott says "We dated the check for the next day, but he (the salesman) cashed it early on Wednesday."

That made Scott and his wife suspicious, and rightfully so.

They looked to their receipt for a way to contact the man, and found there was no phone number and no way to get a hold of him.

We typed the name of the business, Always Helping People into google, and up popped several sites indicating it was a rip off.

Rip off report, a consumer advocacy website told of two different cases in which people were ripped off.

Scott says this same saleman, did the same thing to his next door neighbor.

Wisconsin Consumer Protection says they get a lot of complaints about door to door salesmen each year, especially about young people selling magazines.

They say never buy from anyone that you don't know who comes to your door.

And never let them into your home, even to make the sales pitch.

Each community is responsible for issuing permits to door to door salesmen, but Glen Loyd of Consumer Protection says, "They may have a permit, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are legitimate."

Young people claiming to raise money for an upcoming trip is a popular scam, according to Loyd.

This is information that may make it harder for people who are legitimate going door to door, but when it comes to your money, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Scott did contact the police in Poynette, so they are aware of what is going on.

Scott says he contacted us, because he doesn't want anyone else to lose out on money like he did.

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