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New "solar" bike path unveiled along Campus Drive in Madison


MADISON (WKOW) -- The UW marching band, Bucky Badger, and dozens of enthusiastic bikers celebrated the grand opening of a new bike route from University Bay Drive to central campus on Friday.  The paved route runs along Campus Drive.

"It's fabulous," said UW grad student Maggie Grabow.  "It's a great opportunity for everyone in Madison."

The UW didn't break out the trumpets, trombones, and drums for a simple stretch of pavement - they're celebrating something even more special.

Alongside the path, MG&E built 37 solar lights.  The lights charge from solar energy during the day so they can light the path all night.

"If this takes off, hopefully we'll see more of this sort of lighting outside," said UW Transportation staff member Rob Kennedy.

MG&E spent $220,000 to install the solar lights. They will maintain and service them forever.

Many commuters are also excited about the path's convenience.  It cuts down considerably a trip from central campus to the western edge, near the hospitals and University Ave.

UW paid just over $1 million on the path.  They promise more paths like this to come, solar energy and all.

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