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Lauren's Blog: Two down, two to go

It was Fat Tuesday on an August Friday! It was Fat Tuesday on an August Friday!

I can't believe it's halfway over.  But I do have to say, today was a bit longer than yesterday.

I woke up at 4:50 after not being able to sleep much all night.  I was actually pretty comfortable for being 7 months pregnant and sleeping on an air mattress on the gym floor.  But I kept waking up all night's probably just excitement.

After breakfast, we were off to New Glarus for AM Pit.  Our crew took Mardi Gras to a whole new level.  There were purple, gold and green beads galore.  I was sporting a Cat in the Hat-style hat with purple, green and gold stripes as well as all sorts of other flare.  I looked rather ridiculous, but it was a lot of fun.

We also had some great tunes today that everyone really got into, so we had a bit of a dance party.

After the final riders took off (aka the Caboose), we packed up and took our leftovers (yay recycling!!) to PM Pit.  It was quite a long drive, and was rather hilly.  I even noticed it in my car, so I know the riders were feeling it.  But the scenery was absolutely beautiful, and we could not ask for better weather.

I then drove to lunch, where I probably ate too much (once again).  I also got a massage and spent a long time lounging with my friends Mitch and Amy, so it was a rather luxurious few hours.

I stopped back at PM Pit because I had to see Watermelon Man in action once again.  You may remember him from prevous ACT Rides.  He wears a yellow shirt covered in watermelons, carries a broom with a horn and has a mat to measure how far people can spit watermelon seeds.  I am simply horrible at it.  I believe I fall into the "Doofus" catergory - which is the worst.

After hanging out near Watermelon Man, I decided to take a walk.  I figured if the riders can ride 300 miles, I can certainly walk one or two.  It really made me think about all they are doing. 

I just arrived here at Camp at Sauk Prairie Middle School all sweaty (how sad!!) and ready to take a shower.

I'll check in again after dinner and such.

Go riders and CREW!

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