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Lauren's Blog: Random acts of kindness

This is a first.  I actually turned down a massage because I am too tired.  It's not that it's too hard to lie there, it's just that I know I'd never be able to get up.

That gym floor is sounding fantastic right now.

But I cannot go to bed without documenting the evening first.

Every night after dinner, we have two traditions:  "nightly news" and "random acts of kindness."  The former is a recap of the day and some information regarding the following day.   The latter creates some of the most lasting memories from the Ride.

For tonight's random acts of kindness, at least a dozen people lined up to tell everyone the amazing thing someone did for them today.

The stories are simply amazing, and they definitely get the tears flowing.

One girl who literally pushed her father up a steep hill last year told us how her dad returned the favor this year.

Another girl shared how a rider got off his bike and helped her push her car out of a ditch.

It is quite a world we live in here on the Ride.  Riders help Crew, and as Joe Labarbera showed you tonight on 27 News, Crew helps riders.

I am going to sleep knowing today was a great day.  I hope you had one too.

Tomorrow, it's on to Columbus...

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