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Lauren's Blog: The century day

Every rider deserves an especially big pat on the back today.  Not only is it the more than 100 mile day, it is now raining in Columbus.

Forutnately, most of the riders are still west of here and west of the storm, so hopefully only a few got wet.

I did not get wet, nor did I ride (or even drive) 100 miles today.  So I do not deserve the credit they do.

But we did have a great AM Pit in Poynette.  It was in the same park as the Farmers' Market, and today was Wisconsin Day, so there was a lot of Badger Cardinal and White, Packer Green and Gold and even some cheese curds.

After stopping for some coffee in Poynette, we headed to Pardeeville, which was the lunch site.  It was in Fireman's Park, right along the river, and was just beautiful.

Another beautiful thing was the massage I got at lunch.  It really did a pregnant woman's body good.

And PM Pit was set up like a spa, with cucumbers for the eyes, feet and hand massages and the whole works.

The pits really rocked today, and I know I'm a little biased, but I think most riders and crew will agree.  Sean Towle was at PM Pit doing a story for 27 News at 6, so make sure to check that out. 

And the sun is now out here in Columbus.  I'm off to cheer some of the riders in.  Enjoy the evening!

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